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Who Lives and Who Dies

The left has shown you time and time again the level of contempt they have for you. Jimmy Kimmel showed exactly who he was this week with this little number.

It's not just that he said it but the audience was falling over laughing about the causal death of those whom they have a political disagreement. Never mind the facts of the matter, they gleefully twist statistics to push the political message of The System.

"Twist" is being generous. Even the Associated Press, once the beacon of 'just the facts' reporting is doing the bidding of The System. They issued a correction after some time that not 70% of those calling poison control overdosed on 'horse dewormer' but that it was 2%.

The System will twist the news and distort the fact to get what they want. Never forget what they would do to you if they could. The best way to fight back is to run for office and make your area more red. National, state, county, city, even school board, run for office and protect your values for future generations to enjoy.