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High Treason

General Milly had secret calls with our number one geo-political rival, China. In addition to colluding with our enemy he told his staff to not cooperate with the President of the United States of American.

By any account that is high treason nearly on par with the likes of Benedict Arnold. In any sane nation someone like this would be tried for crimes against their country (a.k.a. treason) and sentenced.

We have a nation that actively cheers against itself. People proud that the chair of the joint chiefs would betray his country. These are the kinds of people who think you're insane for loving your country. They want you along with this country to fall.

We must take action outside of just an election every 4 years. Politics is downstream of culture. Go out and start taking back the culture. Teach your kids real American history and put people in office who also believe the same way you do. Taking back the cultural soul of our country takes time but it starts with teaching the next generation.

We can't just fight them once they come out of commie training school after 16 years, because if we do we won't be a nation anymore because traitors like Milly who hate America will rise to the top and sell our America and her values to people like communist China.