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Activism is a Commodity

While Communism may be a devout religion with the need for utmost dedication, activism has always been just a commodity. Do you need any other proof than the Met Gala? Because this year was probably the biggest marketing campaign for social advocacy buzz phrases that have about as much applicability to actual practice as calculus does to a USC poli-sci major. My question is does it still remain activism if the majority of those around you share the same sentiment? Does it even garner attention? Maybe I’m falling into the same trap of talking about something I shouldn’t even give attention to? Frankly, I don’t care, because I think my argument is pretty good. 


Everyone at this patriarchy-looming event felt very threatened by this one. True provocation in the US of A. 


Advocating for Equal Rights for Women from the comfort of your political position withstanding the last 28 years. Disclaimer: Political elites are not required to wear masks during a raging pandemic. All you other peasants? Mask up. 


Saved the best for last. Not even gonna talk about the dress. That’s a cheap shot. Let’s talk about “The Medium is the Message” irony. Does she wish to propose the fact that she’s breaking the 4th wall and challenging institutions? Oh wait, yes, that’s exactly what she said. While I understand the need to promote your personal brand’s slogan in a highly commercialized setting, it’s ultimately contradictory if you don’t directly challenge that medium. When I think of challenging the medium, I often think of Marlon Brando in 1973.

But parading around in a beautiful, white dress with ‘provocative words’, that everyone else seems to be utilizing as well, sounds more like an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” strategy. To be honest, I would expect more opposition from the ‘institutions’. But I think I’ve probably heard the word, ‘hypocrisy’ more times than I have heard the word ‘taxation bill fast-tracked because of my outfit’. This activism stuff seems pretty easy, let me try it out:

Instead of accepting the invitation to the Met Gala, what if you boycotted the event and asked that whoever paid for your ticket make a direct donation to a publicly funded program of your choosing? Oh right, because that’s not as fun as cosplaying activism with the social elites who also agree with your politics. Remember everyone, the medium is the message, so if you can’t buy a $30,000 ticket to this bad boy, you better get the hell out. 

My question now is how long can the Left parade this banner? As in, how long can you talk about issues that are overemphasized and primarily used as a partisan opposition before you become the hypocrite? Squeeze it out while you can.