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The Image of Nice

You don't have to look far to see the disaster of the Joe Biden administration and their immigration policy. We can look back to what Donald Trump did at the border with his remain in Mexico policy and deporting criminals. Immigration dropped dramatically because of this firm stance. And yet you had political lemmings like AOC with her ridiculous border shoot.

They want feel good policies even of they cause more harm than good. Joe Biden’s admin is letting everyone across the border in the the country. This policy is the root cause of these insane caravans from places like Hatti where in the journey you have mass rape and criminals trying to swam in.

You have the cartels renting out children like cattle. Sometimes sold into this life and sometimes stolen and abused. The reason is all the same, they have been told if you have a family then you get to stay. You have people coaching these illegals on what to say when they come over with rented children. All this abuse, rape and potential terror suspects are all flooding over the border because of our desperate need to look compassionate. The larger problem is we can’t ever look mean. We will gladly let all this go on so long as we don't look like Trump and stop people from coming across.

We must put a stop to this “nice” nonsense before our nation is brought to it’s knees for being “nice”.