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Unlikely Leaders

Stop looking to congress for your leaders. We have true red white and blue patriots all across this wonderful nation. You saw it last weekend with the southwest Freedom Flu. people with the will to stand up against these unconstitutional mandates and causing major companies like Southwest to rethink their vax mandate.

Imagine how much worse it will get when hundreds of millions of truck drivers stand up and say no to the vax mandate. Everything you own has at one point been on a truck and when we lose 30% of all truckers due to these mandates companies will have to change course regardless of what the government wants. 

From pilots to truckers to even school kids.

People are starting to push back and it wont take everyone, not even half of America, to stand up til these mandates are reversed at a federal level.

Keep fighting and leading the charge against this tyranny. You're more numerous and more influential than they'd like you to believe.