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2nd Class Citizens

Sure, in a capitalist system, you’ll have your rich. You’ll have your poor. And more often than not, you’ll have your middle class. But more or less, every citizen has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, right? It’s the most uniquely American aspect of the country.

Well, you can go ahead and throw that out the window.

But why? Was the Declaration of Independence abolished due to its signees owning slaves? Not quite (but how far are we from that really?) Nope. It’s because, if you’re not vaccinated, you better get used to being able to do less. And no, that’s not just because of inflation. Or the shortages either! No. Because of your defiance and inability to be a part of this fictional team that’s not based around the nation or the culture(since half of our people HATE the country), it’s based around the left’s mobilization of the health sector that makes you look like an absolute bigot if you don’t agree with the sentiment.

The smartest thing the left ever did is gaslight the American people into thinking the forced mandates are JUST about health. And nothing else. No, it’s about making sure you get the population in the same thought process, involved in the same collectivist mindset. That way, anyone who opposes this view will be easily identified and grouped into the 2nd class citizen category. Why do you think there’s such a big push for vaccine passports? Visual indicators for the unvaccinated? Unvaccinated camps?

The polarization of this country has become so destructive and divisive, the left has used objective sectors, like human health, the environment, CULTURAL DIVERSITY, to destroy the fundamental principles of American society. The hatred for the other side has grown so strong, they will do anything to destroy it, even if it means destroying those principles that have held the country together since 1776. 

You have been warned.