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Liberal Hypocrisy

Over the last few years, I've written plenty of articles, short pieces, or conducted family dinner monologues about all the things wrong with the political system in the United States and just the increasing politicization characteristics and beliefs. 

But the answer is a lot simpler than we realize. The Democratic Party isn’t only failing the country and its people. This fact was underlined by the glaring poll numbers for the Democrats in the upcoming midterms. No, they're not just failing the country, they're failing themselves. The GOP has had a reputation of shooting themselves in the foot, but nothing quite screams 'dropping' the ball' like controlling the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and being at risk of losing two of those three things in the next year. 

Where did it go so wrong for the Democrats since the 2020 Election?

One major factor I see is that no one really cares for the White Trumpist-Nationalists narrative the Democratic Party has been riding on since the complete and utter failure of Mrs. Clinton. No one's buying it anymore. Running on the platform of slandering your opponent will only get you so far, and it looks like the "Racist Boogieman" car has run out of gas. This is just one factor and only a recent one.

The reality is their political decay started way before that. And it's based around the concept of hypocrisy and 'virtue in theory' and 'virtue in practice'. I will let the YouTuber turned NYT video journalist Johnny Harris explain it in his own words. Yes, the New York Times, you read that right.